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Worlds End

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Worlds End and The Panorama, a spectacular and dominating outcrop of Carboniferous Limestone from Worlds End and Eglwyseg to Trevor gives the North side of the Dee Valley an easily identifiable character with the ‘Seven Sisters’, great curves of outcropping limestone providing walkers, ramblers and climbers with panoramic views all along its length and for drivers along the ‘Panorama’ minor road which follows the base of the grey-white outcrops.

Screes of frost eroded limestone yield many coral and sea shell fossils showing that this raised mountain was once below a clear, shallow and warm sea. Up along this road towards Garth, on the left, there is a monument to I.D. Hooson, the noted Welsh poet from Rhosllanerchrugog, once the largest village in Wales and famous for its choirs. At the moment there are six of them, and winners of the highest awards, National and International. Rhos, (Rhos uffern!) to the Jacos - so called because there was great support in my home village for the Jacobite cause - is only a couple of miles away along narrow lanes and footpaths.

The views from the hillside, half a mile further on up the road from the I.D. Hooson memorial, are worth seeing. Many English counties along the flat land come into sight, with a large chemical works in the foreground and Telford’s Aqueduct to the right. This is all binoculars and camera area. Offa’s Dyke “longdistance” path passes from Garth to World’s End before crossing the moors to Minera.

There is a circular walk from Llangollen passing Castell Dinas Brân to the Panorama walk to Garth, Trevor and back again along the canal. 

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